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Elite Equine operates a mobile cold salt water spa. Our spa was built in the USA and offers both hot and cold water treatments. The spa is fully enclosed in a Twister Cargo trailer and allows us to travel to shows and events all over the country. We require a 50 amp plug and will need to fill our water tank. Our spa utilizes both hot and cold salt water hydrotherapy to treat a variety of ailments as well as prevent the occurrence of many injuries currently sustained in equine athletes. The cold water is maintained at 34 degrees to minimize inflammation while providing analgesic pain management and inhibit enzyme degeneration post injury. The hot is kept at 110 degrees to ease tension, increase circulation and relax sore muscles. Being a mobile unit allows us to come to you and come to events to give you and your horse a competitive edge.


Trigger is 18 and still sound and competitive thanks in part to weekly cold water spa sessions. If he feels good, he works good. “I have noticed I can go longer between injecting his ankles since adding cold water therapy.” Remember, preventing an injury is cheaper than treating an injury!


Abby Lengel brought Ace over during The Run For A Million to help keep him feeling at the top of his game.

The cold therapy provided by the spa helps to reduce the risk of injury after exercise but also brings rapid relief from pain, bruising, swelling and recent tissue damage as it decreases blood flow to reduce inflammation. Adding the salt water element provided by the spa helps to reduce swelling further plus can help the natural healing of wounds.

Whether treating a new injury, managing healing injuries or keeping hardworking horses sound, COLD therapy is a powerful tool.

Dramatically cooling tissues at a new injury site causes the blood vessels to constrict, limiting the leakage that leads to inflammation. This means there is less for the body to naturally clean up, shortening the total healing time!


Trigger, relaxing in his cold salt water therapy treatment.


Misty Greeson and her mare, Maddy, are often in the winning circle at NCHA cuttings. She regularly puts her in the spa before and after she competes.