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Elite Saltwater Spa

Regular use of a hydrotherapy spa for competition horses can greatly reduce the everyday stresses that have the potential to develop into serious injuries. It is one of the most effective treatments to rehab horses with soft tissue injuries and can help shorten the recovery time.

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Many trainers of all disciplines who use this therapy regularly at shows and have seen the results, and now want this therapy at home. We have partnered with Aetheon Equine, located in Tennessee, to manufacture units that can be delivered world-wide.

  • Our insulated spa stocks and water tank are manufactured from marine-grade 304 stainless steel and an exterior skin boasting marine grade aluminum. This allows the spa to stand up to the heavy use and various climates.

  • Triple filtration system to catch small and large particles to ensure clean water.

  • Fully insulated plumbing system.

  • Insulated plastic water tank that prevents corrosion.

  • Option of 3-5ton chillers efficiently keeps water between 34-37℉ with titanium heat exchanger.

  • Durable, industrial strength touch-screen controls allow you to control screen manually or utilize proprietary software to customize treatment plans for up to 20 horses. Easily generate and export data for each horse to efficiently track treatment plans and billing.

  • Fast fill and drain time allow you to treat multiple horses per hour.

  • The self-contained design makes it simple to operate and transport. Forklift holes accessible from both sides of the spa, make it easy to move.

  • Requires 50 amp electric and water.

  • Price includes installation and instruction on how to operate and maintain unit.

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